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Consumer Representatives make an important contribution by providing input that assists us with the planning and development of our Health Service.

What is a consumer?

Consumer Representatives are members of the public who have used, or might use the services of Beaufort and Skipton Health Service in the future. Consumer Representatives include members of the general public, patients, residents, family members and carers.

What does a consumer do?

Consumer Representatives provide information, opinion and advice to the Health Service about how we can make our services safer and better on behalf of the broader community. We want consumers to have their say to ensure that our services are relevant and appropriate for our local community.

We have a Community Advisory Committee that meet bi-monthly. The committee is made up of members of the community, members of the Board and staff.

Consumer Representatives help us to:

  • Develop and review patient informtion such as brochures
  • Plan improvements and changes in how we provide services
  • Discuss quality, safety, patient experience and feedback
  • Assist with organising community events
  • Provide feedback from the community

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