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Beaufort and Skipton Health Service are committed to continuing to make a sustainable difference and reduce our impact on the environment.

Bio Energy Boilers

The Health Service operates two bio energy boilers. These systems are used to provide heating and hot water at each facility. The environmentally sustainable fuels for these boilers is obtained from waste woodchips and olive pips. The Skipton campus boiler is the first system to use olive pips outside of the olive industry.

This environmentally sustainable project (Skipton) was a partnership with Pyrenees Shire and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).

Waste management remains a high priority with regular review of recycling opportunities such as paper and cardboard, batteries and plastics

Bush mulch, a waste product from power line clearing is used throughout the facilities to improve gardens and reduce irrigation needs.

Both campuses have now installed solar panel systems to assist in the reduction of electricity use. As a part of this program all lighting has been changed to LED.

Beaufort and Skipton Health Service continues to explore all opportunities to improve its environmental foot print as the technology in environmental sustainability management advances.

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