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In addition, the importance of having efficient and a highly competent healthcare team was also made evident while many community members were being impacted by the event. During the Beaufort campus evacuation, the Urgent Care Centre continued to play a vital role to community members. CEO, Meryn Pease expressed her thanks to her Health Service staff at a recent afternoon tea organised as a show of appreciation for the outstanding effort.

The recent event highlighted the vital role the Urgent Care Centre played in delivering essential healthcare assistance as several team members managed to provide care to patients with various medical needs, including those suffering from smoke inhalation and breathing difficulties.

“These difficult times have shown just how important our Urgent Care Centre is and that it is available 24/7, and particularly when our community is facing a crisis.” Ms Pease expressed.

“It is essential that our community is reassured during these times, knowing that our Health Service nurses are trained to handle everything from minor injuries to serious medical emergencies, and they can even consult with GP’s or the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department for additional expertise,” Ms Pease explained.

“Our team also includes a number of Rural and Isolated Practice Nurses who provide specialised skills, offering services such as administration of certain medications without the need for GP prescriptions, immunisations, treatment of wounds and minor illnesses,” she went on to say.

The Beaufort and Skipton Urgent Care Centres and their respective services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing a range of care and services to support the community.

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