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The announcement was made to staff and residents detailing that two of the Health Services facilities were to be considered for name changes and their input would be valued. Board Chair, David Lenehan said, “it is both timely and important that the buildings names reflect the values and culture of the local community.”

The decision to rename the facilities was made after extensive consultation with the staff, residents, community representatives and local traditional owners, the Wadawurrung. “The renaming process was undertaken with a focus on inclusiveness and cultural reflection”, Ms Pease said.

The consultation and research process was conducted by the Health Service with thought that the new names should reflect both the local area and the values of the community. ‘Ripon Peace’ has been chosen for the Beaufort Nursing Home with “Ripon” referencing both the historical and local electorate and with reference to the original name of “Ripon Peace Memorial Hospital”.

The Beaufort Hostel has been renamed ‘Delama’, from the Indigenous term meaning “to embrace”. The name reflecting the desire to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for residents and their families.

“The Health Service hopes the new names will reflect the level of importance that the facilities hold for the community, both through cultural diversity and values”, David Lenehan added. We expect new signage at the respective buildings will be installed in the near future.

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