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The Health Service has now been awarded accreditation of their Acute and Community Health Services for a further three years.

“ACHS accreditation sends a message of reassurance to our communities that we are committed to excellence in health care, safety and quality. I am really proud of our staff and thank them for their dedication in achieving such a positive results. It has been a team effort, with attention to detail through a process of improvement initiatives by listening to our communities feedback”, she added.

Accreditation is used by the health care organisations to continuously improve the quality of care that they deliver to the community. These improvements need to be demonstrated over a three year period. “We are so pleased that this tick of recognition in achieving accreditation is another feather in the cap to all who have worked so hard in caring for their patients and community.”, Ms. Pease added.

Beaufort and Skipton Health Service will commit to re-accreditation in late 2025.

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