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Her artworks tell of her journey, travelling through different communities and over rock holes. Her totem is the kangaroo and the tracks of the kangaroo appear in all her artwork.

As a resident of Mena Park, Aunty Di sees both Beaufort and Skipton as places of healing for the local First Nations community. She travels from Beaufort to Skipton a lot and passes through Mount Emu, enjoying the peacefulness these areas offer. Her artwork now hanging in the foyer of the Beaufort campus of the Health Service depicts this journey with Skipton exhibited by a circle on the left, Beaufort on the right and Mount Emu creek running between them. Mount Emu is at the base of the artwork. It is a special piece to hang in the hospital area.

CEO, Meryn Pease said “The artwork provides a vibrant and meaningful touch to the Health Service with a unique perspective and serves to inspire both staff and patients, while also promoting a sense of inclusivity and respect for First Nations culture. We look forward to continuing our journey in building relationships and connection for all First Nations people to feel culturally safe in accessing all the services we have on offer.”

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