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In a bid to create a more Dementia friendly future, Beaufort and Skipton Health Service last week hosted an information forum on Dementia that attracted positive engagement from the community. The event, coinciding with Dementia Action Week, aimed to provide valuable information on this condition that affects so many.

Dr. Mark Yates, a renowned Geriatrician and leading expert in Dementia research, captivated the audience with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. His presentation shed light on key topics and helped answer some of the many questions posed by those in attendance.

“The response from the community again exceeded our expectations, we have always hoped that our forums would resonate with the community and it is fantastic to see that they are”, Health Service CEO, Meryn Pease stated. it Attendees were eager to learn and engage in discussions around the topic, with a high level of interest from all attendance.

In addition to gaining valuable knowledge it also provided an opportunity for community members to connect with one another and share experiences to build a network of support around them. Beaufort and Skipton Health Service remains committed to creating a Dementia friendly future for Australian’s facing this condition.

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