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Georgie’s placement was based in Gunbalanya, around 300km from Darwin in West Arnhem Land, with a population of just 1,100 people.

Georgie reflected on her time in Gunbalanya as one of the best things she has ever done. From working out of a clinic at a nearby outstation in 45-degree heat, to treating five year olds with chronic heart diseases alongside some highly skilled nurses. While there was a lot of chronic illness she noted it was educational on all fronts, including understanding the community, traditions, cultural diversity and art.

What we see in the media about Indigenous cultures isn’t always correct. She also learnt that kindness and trust can go a long way.

Georgie was the recipient of the BSHS Gill Checkley, which assisted with funding her placement. The Gill Checkley Memorial Scholarship is awarded to staff on an annual basis to assist with training and development.

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