Aged Care

Beaufort and Skipton Health Service provides residential aged care services in the towns of Skipton and Beaufort. Respite care is available for residents who need short term care for a specific reason such as recent illness. BSHS has been recognised by the Aged Care Accreditation Agency and has the maximum 3 years accreditation after being found compliant in all 44 standards. All residents admitted to BSHS residential aged care must be accessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team as requiring residential care before admission.


The aged care facilities in Beaufort include a 15 bed nursing home and 12 bed hostel. All hostel rooms are single rooms with ensuites. Most rooms at the Beaufort Nursing Home are shared rooms.

The aged care facilities in Skipton has 11 nursing home beds and 9 hostel beds. All rooms are single rooms with ensuites.

We have designed our facilities to ensure rooms open into an enclosed courtyard which is ideal for chatting with other residents or entertaining visitors. Tea and coffee making facilities are available in all courtyards.

BSHS strives to provide a pleasant homelike living environment and residents are encouraged to bring small items of furniture and personal belongings such as quilts and doona covers, photos, paintings and ornaments, to help residents settle in and feel at home.

Large screen televisions are available in the nursing home and hostel central lounge rooms Meals are cooked fresh on site and served in our tastefully furnished dining rooms with residents sitting with companions of their choice. Residents’ likes and dislikes, including cultural preferences, are considered at every meal time, and there is always a choice on the menu. Morning and afternoon teas are delivered to residents and tea stations are available for those who wish to help themselves to drinks, snacks or fresh fruit.


Our lifestyle and leisure team offer a diverse and entertaining range of activities for those residents who are interested. Residents are encouraged and helped to continue to attend community events such as church or senior citizens.

Men have access to the men’s shed. Computer and internet access is available for residents. Satisfaction surveys indicate our residents are very happy with the care and services, and the variety of activities provided.


All residents are required to make a personal contribution towards the cost of their care and accommodation. For more information on the cost of care and accommodation at Beaufort and Skipton Health Service Aged Care see the information on the Living Longer, Living Better page.

To find out more information on coming to stay at Beaufort and Skipton Health Service please contact our Nurse Unit Mangers: Beaufort Campus: 03 5349 1625 or Skipton campus: 03 5340 1100.