Aged Care

At Beaufort and Skipton Health our role is to ensure the community understands the changes and where we can help you to understand the payment structure for people moving into aged care.

What Does This Mean?

Residents who enter care at Beaufort and Skipton Health Service are required to have an Aged Care Assessment Team approval (ACAS) for entry into residential care. The resident will have the choice of paying a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (DAP) or a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or a combination of both after they are assessed through Centrelink. Residents have up to 28 days after admission to choose how they would like to pay. The Resident after assessment of income and assets may be asked to pay a contribution toward their care Residential Accommodation Contribution (RAC) or a Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC).

What is a Refundable Accommodation Deposit?

A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is an amount of money paid or payable by a resident for entry to residential care. The balance of RAD (after agreed deductions have been made) will be refunded to the resident or the estate at the end of the agreement for residential services.

What is a Daily Accommodation Payment?

A Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is an amount paid after converting the RAD into a daily charge using the maximum permissible interest rate that is applied at the time of admission.

More information on costs can be obtained from the fees brochure.

BSHS Aged Care Residential Accomodation Pricing - Beaufort Nursing Home

BSHS Aged Care Residential Accomodation Pricing - Beaufort Hostel

BSHS Aged Care Residential Accomodation Pricing - Skipton Mckinnon Nursing Home

BSHS Aged Care Residential Accomodation Pricing - Skipton Brigadoon Hostel

For further information please contact:

The Residential Admissions and Enquiries Team

P:   03 5349 1600

M:  0447 414 273


If you would like to know more about residential aged care costs, your rights and the Aged Care Assessment Standards please contact the Age Care Information line 1800 500 853 or go to the website

5 steps to entry into Residential Aged Care:

Help to understand the financial aged care maze

What We Offer

You will meet exceptional staff who provide expertise and care to all residents. You will enjoy the privacy of your own room in Skipton with single and shared accommodation available in Beaufort. Residents have the benefits of sharing an intimate aged care community with access to on site group activities and other social supports.

Our Expertise

Beaufort and Skipton Health Service provides 24 hour nursing care, individual care plans and an activities program that caters for group and individual programs.

Our clinical care includes:

  • Access to general practice services,
  • Respite care,
  • Qualified nursing staff 24 hours a day and 7 days a week,
  • Dementia specific programs,
  • Access to allied health services e.g. podiatry and physiotherapy
  • Individual care plans.

Enhancing Well- being

Leisure and social activities are designed to enhance the individual resident’s well-being and increase feelings of productivity and purpose.

The physical activities program includes:

  • Rehabilitation services,
  • Access to allied health services,
  • Keep fit programs,
  • Shopping trips,
  • Excursions,

Personal services include:

  • Hairdresser,
  • Laundry services,
  • Massage therapy,
  • Hand therapy including manicures,
  • Pastoral care,
  • Church based activities.


We understand that fresh, nutritious high quality meals are important to enhance the resident’s well-being. Residents choose all meals from an extensive menu. Residents are provided with morning and afternoon tea and usually accompanied by homemade snacks.