Good Result for BSHS Accreditation Assessment

The Australian Council on Health Care Standards performed their three yearly review and assessment of Beaufort and Skipton Health Service, acute (hospital) services during December.

Two representatives from the council conducted a comprehensive audit of all areas of the Health Service over a three day period and were encouraged by their findings.

The assessment covers ten National Safety and Quality Standards for Health Services and is an important part of ensuring that standards are achieved and maintained.

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Peter Birkett was pleased with the verbal feedback from the assessors.  “It was a busy few days for the whole Health Service, but it was really encouraging to get the assessors positive feedback,” Mr. Birkett said.  “We are still waiting for our final report but this gives us as staff and also the community, confidence that we are on track and hitting our targets and reaching our goals in providing a great Health Service.  Everyone involved should be proud,” he added.

With all facilities recommended for full compliance across all standards, the final report is expected in a few months time, outlining all results.


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