Beaufort Market BBQ


Aprons, tongs and the sounds of sausages sizzling replaced nurses uniforms, stethoscopes and blood pressure pumps at last Saturday's Beaufort Market.

A strong and dedicated contingency of staff and volunteers from the Beaufort and Skipton Health Service were led by their CEO, Ms Vicki Poxon to crank up the barbie in support of the Health Service. The Team from Beaufort and Skipton Health Service rallied at day break in Beaufort's Memorial Park for the monthly Saturday Market, to continue with their recent fundraising strategies. With hot plate and esky, sausages and onions were quickly cooked to perfection and sold to help reach goals for the refurbishment and upgrading of the Health Service facilities.

Ms Poxon said "The planned upgrades would pose a considerable financial challenge for the Health Service. We realize that it must be with the support of the community for us to reach our goals to improve the services we provide. We've organized a sausage sizzle and supplied some music and entertainment today, certainly hoping to raise a few extra dollars but more importantly to show our local community that we want to be a strong and vital link, to build bonds, so people can see the Health Service as community connected", Ms Poxin added. "My team are passionate about their work and the Health Service and we are all keen to get out amongst the locals and shout out what the benefits of a strong Health Service really looks like", Ms Poxin said.

A vocal duo supplied by the Health Service also played some tunes and sprooked the benefits of Beaufort and Skipton Health Service, throughout the morning. "Some local residents were heard to say that they came down to the market as they could hear the music at Beaufort Lake!", staff member Craig Scurr said. "It has been a lot of fun to get involved and it's great talking to the locals and visitors about what we are doing at Beaufort and Skipton Health Services.

It's expected that initial construction of the planned refurbishment are to begin later in 2018.

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