Open Access Meetings

Open Access Board Meeting      
22 May 2019

The 2019 Beaufort and Skipton Health Service 'Open Access Meeting' was a great opportunity for the community to hear about some of our Health Service's great work and projects.

This year's meeting was well attended and featured a presentation from Kim Stevens (Learning and Development Manager) who spoke on the innovative and nationally recognised COOPs (Care of the Older Person) program that was developed in collaboration with Ballarat Health Service.  

Over the past two years, the program has now grown in 2019, to include 25 nurses across five health services.  The program is unique, in that it recognizes the needs of older people across a broad range of health settings and skills the graduate nurse to provide the best care for the older person in any setting. 

Kim will be presenting her evaluation of the program at the Australian College of Nurses, National Nursing Forum in Hobart  August 2019.







Improving the communication between patients, residents, families, staff and community partners. We will use a number of ways to do this e.g. more family forums, community newsletter articles, opportunities to join committees.

Patient Experience

We will always consider care from the perspective of the patient, resident and their family and carers while providing a consistent care experience.


Partnering with the community to provide the best possible care; understanding and meeting the health needs of our community, including the needs of those with chronic disease and mental health issues.

We will add the above commitments to our new Strategic Plan 2018-2021 for Beaufort and Skipton Health Service.