Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health services are available at Beaufort and Skipton Health Service. In Skipton Maternal and Child Health Services are located at 2 Blake Street, Skipton. In Beaufort Maternal and Child Health Services are provided by Pyrenees Shire Council, please see below for contact details.

What services do Maternal and Child Health Nurses provide?

Introducing and linking to local services, safe sleeping, and breastfeeding support, hearing review, growth information and maternal health. Also provides links to parent groups, support with nutrition and feeding, oral health and offers vaccinations.

For Pyrenees Shire residents please phone: 03 5349 1100 or visit:

For Corangamite Shire residents please phone: 03 5393 7100 or visit:

Do I need a referral?

A birth notice is sent from hospital after delivery of the baby to visit a maternal and child health clinic.

Clinic Hours

Skipton: Tuesday (alternate weeks) 9am - 4.00pm

Phone: 0407 844 730


No fees