Delivered Meals

Delivered Meals in Beaufort and Skipton is a Shire service, delivered from the Health Service with the assistance of our Volunteer Drivers.

Delivered Meals is a home-based service delivering hot, nutritious meals to people who are homebound or find it difficult to cook for themselves. The program is delivered through the Beaufort and Skipton Health Service, using volunteers to deliver meals which are prepared in the hospital kitchens.

Several different meal types are available. These include everything from a three-course meal (soup, mains, and dessert) with juice and/or fruit, to a main meal, or main and dessert, etc. Hot meals can be delivered 5 days a week, and there is also an option to have frozen meals delivered for the weekend. The price varies according to the meal type required and according to the frequency of delivery.

For further information please contact Beaufort and Skipton Health Service
Phone: 03 5340 1134