Community Transport Program

The Community Transport Program provides transportation to medical and allied health appointments for those members of the Beaufort and Skipton Health Service catchment area who have no other means of getting to their appointments. Community transport increases the health and well-being of our community members by allowing them to access local health professionals, and those in larger regional centres and cities.

Many people feel they are not eligible for Community Transport. Our clients use community transport for many different reasons: They do not own a car; they do not drive; they normally drive, but are temporarily unable to; they normally drive, but feel uncomfortable driving in an unfamiliar town; they normally drive, but have been asked not to by their doctor.

Eligibility is determined at the discretion of the Community Transport Coordinator. Transport will not be provided if an ambulance is required, or if a health professional believes a client is not able to travel via private car.

This service is run with the assistance of volunteers, who in most cases have a limited First Aid skills. This is not an emergency transport service, but a service for scheduled medical appointments.

Because of the demand on the service, we ask that wherever possible people booking a car provide us with three working days’ notice. Provision of a car and driver is not guaranteed but will be arranged where possible. People who use this service will be asked for a small donation at the end of the month.

For more information please phone: 03 5340 1134