New Information Sharing Provisions and Requirements


As part of the broader reforms in Family Violence and child wellbeing and safety, the Victorian Government introduced legislation commencing on April the 19th 2021.  Beaufort and Skipton Health Service will, under the Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) and the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS), be required to share your information with other approved organisations, if the information promotes child wellbeing and safety, or relates to the assessment and management of family violence risk. In some situations, this may occur without your consent. 

Consent is required from adult victim survivors of family violence, unless the information relates to assessing or managing a risk to a child victim survivor. 

We will seek your consent prior to sharing information whenever possible, however in instances of urgency and high risk this may not always be possible. 

When can information be discussed with other people without my consent? 

  • where there are serious concerns about your safety, or the safety of your children 
  • when we are mandated to provide information for court proceedings 
  • if we believe there is a serious threat to public health and safety. 

We will do our best to keep your informed about what information we have shared and the organisation that we have shared information with. 



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