Education Overview

The direction of the Education Department for 2018 is focused on promoting Patient Centred Care and a workforce skilled in providing quality care to our community, which is inclusive of family and friends. Our aim is to instil an ethos of continual growth within our workforce, by embracing all new appropriate learning opportunities and being open to engaging with staff to fulfil their career aspirations. Education opportunities will included, but are not limited to, dedicated education programs focused on dementia, customer service, acute care and care of the older person.

We are thrilled to be able to offer an exciting collaborative project to our Transition to Practice Graduate nurses for 2018. This program has the backing of DHHS, will be run in association with Ballarat Health Services, and focuses on Care of the Older Person, specifically meeting this generations health needs. The aim is to promote a future expert workforce that will be holistic in the care of these patients, residents and their families, with an ongoing plan to provide access to the program throughout the region.

The Health Service will continue to support and promote rural healthcare through the placement of students from all health disciplines. These students are provided the opportunity to experience care in a multipurpose facility, and have the opportunity to learn from our dedicated and high skilled staff.

"Being a student at BSHS, having the opportunity to work alongside dedicated and knowledgeable nurses has been eye opening and a quality education experience. My time here has gone fast, exceeded my expectations and is an experience I will never forget" Cara 2nd yr. EEN student Institute for Healthcare and Nursing Australia

"I have felt well supported, even embraced, by the team at BSHS. They have given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill base in such an encouraging environment. Thanks to everyone at BSHS." Sue, Graduate Nurse 2017