Graduate Nurse Program

Transition to Practice Graduate Nurse Program 2019

As a rural health services, Beaufort Skipton Health Service requires our nursing staff to be flexible and adaptable to the ever changing demands on their time, managing a variety of clients in a multitude of situations.  With this in mind Beaufort Skipton Health Services (BSHS) Transition to Practice program is innovative, progressive and responsive to your transition to practice needs. We run in collaboration with Ballarat Health Services (BHS) aimed at supporting nursing graduates during their first year of practice to form a solid nursing foundation on which to consolidate and further develop their skills and knowledge. We run a dynamic and well-rounded program over a 52 week period starting the beginning of January.  

Why apply at BSHS for your TTP year?

At BSHS we take only 2 graduates for the year which allow for us to tailor your clinical experiences to meet your areas of interests and ensure your growth as a registered nurse. We have a focus on leadership and time management by providing the opportunity for the graduate to work in a variety of areas. Both Beaufort and Skipton campuses allow for experiences in residential care, sub – acute, acute, urgent care, community, and practice nursing.

BSHS strive for the graduate to:

  • Consolidate and extend their experience in the delivery of health care that is person focused
  • Work affectively within a multidisciplinary team
  • Collaborate with other health services, building connections and networks
  • Use reflective practice to enhance learning opportunities with the aim of developing critical thinking skills
  • Be able to accept and work with effective feedback to improve practice
  • Begin to develop leadership skills
  • Interact with students

The Transition to Practice (TTP) program includes:

  • Orientation at both BHS and BSHS
  • Initial 1 week study block at BHS
  • 3 rotations, one at each of Skipton, Beaufort and BHS
  • Super numerary time at the commencement of each rotation
  • Attendance at study days run through BHS with graduates from other health services
  • Participation in the Care of the Older Person program
  • Support from clinical staff and Education department

Contact details: call the Education and Training Manager on 53491663 or email

Employment Conditions: candidates must have current APHRA registration and are classified based on the Victorian Nurses Award and current Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Transition to Practice program at Beaufort Skipton Health?

Beaufort Skipton health Service participates in the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) computer matching system. Prospective graduates need to adhere by the eligibility criteria that can be found at

What is required in my application?

Applications are to be posted in hard copy to the Beaufort campus and must include:

  • An application letter outlining career objectives
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Certified copies of all Clinical Placement Books and Assessments from 2nd and 3rd year placements
  • Minimum of 2 professional referees from clinical placements
  • Certified copy of academic transcript
  • A passport photo

Who do I address my application to?

Your application is to be addressed to Kim Stevens, Education and Training Manager.

Where do I send my application?

Applications are to be submitted via email to Kim Stevens, Education and Training Manager, Beaufort and Skipton Health Service at .  Applications close 5pm, Monday, 11th February, 2019

What is the interview process?

Individual interviews will be conducted by a 2 person panel lasting up to 45mins.  The interviews will incorporate questions relating to adult learning, clinical scenarios, communication and professional issues, and are based on the ANMC Competencies and the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.  .

What will my roster look like?

All graduates are employed at 0.8 EFT (8 shifts/64 hours per fortnight) on a rotating roster which includes a combination of late and early shifts, weekdays, weekends and public holidays. Short periods of night duty may be rostered during your BHS rotation and is based on clinical readiness.

What is the COOPs program?

The COOPs program is a specialty TTP program for graduate nurses that examines the specific health needs that are applicable to the over 65year old person is all health settings. It works on the understanding that we have an aging population that needs to have appropriate health care whether in acute, community, residential, or emergency care.  The program involves addition study days and learning opportunities. Please refer to the COOPs tab under Education for more information.

What clinical support will there be?

Graduates are supported through the program by the education team at both BSHS and BHS, Nurse Unit Managers, Associate Nurse Unit Managers and all senior staff.

What opportunities are available after my grad year?

Graduates are encouraged to submit an expression of interest to the Director of Clinical Services towards the end of the TTP program regarding future employment opportunities at BSHS.

When does the TTP program start?

The TTP program commences in early January in 2019 and is 52 weeks in duration.

Where can I get more information?

You can get more information by contacting the Education  and Training Manager on 53491663 or email