Open Access Meetings

Open Access Board Meeting
1 May 2018

What will your Health Service look like in the future … it’s up to you!

The Open Access - “Connecting Care” meeting held at the Beaufort Community Bank Complex in early May, was a unique opportunity for 130 local residents and community groups to express their ideas and views of their Health Service. CEO, Ms Poxon said “The meeting provided attendees an important insight tell the health service what they see as the priorities and what our services can provide in the future. We value our communities’ thoughts and the meeting has provided us with a strong understanding of what people see are the main needs of the community.

Dr Cathy Balding facilitated the meeting and provided stimulating opportunities for discussion. There was a discussion about engagement of patients, residents, families and people who use the health service. Engagement is about empowering patients, aged care residents and the community and empowering them.

To succeed at engaging patients, residents and the community we must ensure that the health service understands and shares the belief that the role of our consumers is important. We understand that our consumers are our valued partners in making an accurate diagnosis, assessing a viable treatment plan and ensuring a speedy recovery.

As a result of the workshop a number of people have expressed interest in becoming volunteers or joining committees. Further, the information we collected at the workshop has been useful in updating our Quality and Safety plan.

We have committed to:


Improving the communication between patients, residents, families, staff and community partners. We will use a number of ways to do this e.g. more family forums, community newsletter articles, opportunities to join committees.

Patient Experience

We will always consider care from the perspective of the patient, resident and their family and carers while providing a consistent care experience.


Partnering with the community to provide the best possible care; understanding and meeting the health needs of our community, including the needs of those with chronic disease and mental health issues.

We will add the above commitments to our new Strategic Plan 2018-2021 for Beaufort and Skipton Health Service.