In 2017 Beaufort and Skipton Health Service, based on the learnings from staff and community, made the decision to implement the Studer program. The Studer Group provides a mentor to work with us to create an aligned culture that is accountable to achieving outcomes. Working side-by-side, the mentor helps us to establish, accelerate, and hardwire the necessary changes through a sequenced approach. This leads to better transparency, higher accountability, and the ability to target and execute specific, objective results that health services want to achieve. Our mentor is Allison Patchett.

However, during our implementation stage we made the decision to call our program Innov8. This means we use the Studer program principles but make changes that best meet our needs.

The aim of Innov8 is to support our team to:

1. Do purposeful work and make a difference,
2. Ensure that work is worthwhile,
3. Make a positive difference to the lives we interact with.

Our challenge is that we do good work but we want to do great work. Good leads to complacency where as great means we always strive to challenge ourselves and learn from our mistakes. This is where Innov8 comes in.

It all comes back to making healthcare better. Working together, we can create great places for employees to work, clinical staff to practice medicine and patients and residents to receive great care and services.

People show up to work every day to make a difference in others’ lives. Whether it is ensuring rooms are cleaned, delicious meals served, equipment maintained and fixed or great clinical care delivered.

That’s why Innovate focuses on engaging everyone in the health service - leaders, managers’ hotel service team, maintenance team, nurses, doctors, allied health staff, residents and patients - to improve both clinical and operational outcomes. Our plan is to improve the patient and resident experience, to ensure higher quality and deliver better results, and it’s why we’re about the journey we are taking together.

We can’t do it on our own we can only be a great health service through partnering with everyone who works in our health service, with our patients and residents and the community.

The tool to help us to achieve this is Innov8.